Gmox Grpc Mock Server

TLDR: I created Gmox - a .NET-friendly gRPC mock server.

It is a gRPC mock server similar to grip-mock but written in F# and distributed as a dotnet cli tool and a dotnet template.

I wanted to create something easy to use for (my fellow- and all other) .NET developers.

I had the following scenarios in mind:

  1. Development - enable developers to quickly spin up a mock server instance from local proto files.
  2. Testing - enable testers to deploy a mock server as a part of a test scenario and control it during a test run.

Also I had the following requirements:

  1. Support for dynamic stubbing (via HTTP - the same way grip-mock does it)
  2. Support for gRPC reflection (so it is easy to play with the server via grpcui if needed)

One additional reason was to promote F# as a powerful and pragmatic programming language.

Feel free to give gmox a try.