Need for Blog

I’ve had a few attempts to start my own dev blog or website. However I would have always been pushed away by cumbersomeness of blogging platforms. To be fair I’ve never liked web interfaces. Needed a more dev-centric way of publishing own content. And finally I have discovered one that works for me (better later than never). It’s called static websites generation and it isn’t anything new whatsoever. Static websites are as old as the internet itself however thanks to evolution of web technologies (namely JavaScript, CSS, HTML, web browsers) it has been brought to a completely new level. The idea is to generate your web site in advance removing a need of a complex server environment (like databases or server-side processing). Obviously it has its limitations but I believe it works for blog-like websites very well.

I edit my blog in VisualStudio Code. The site is generated with Hugo and all the posts are written/styled in Markdown. I keep the code in BitBucket and deploy/host with Netlify.

There are many variants for the above components so everyone should be able to find a preferred set of tools. Have a good posting!